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Why use Log Cabin Sales UK?

We have our own shoroom, at Dobbies Garden Centre, Shepton Mallet. You can come and meet with us, talk through your plans face to face and see the high quality timber buildings which we offer. Log Cabin Sales is a affiliate of Allpools and Spas Limited, we share our site here at Shepton Mallet. Allpools and Spas have been trading for well over 20 years, so you have the peace of mind that we will be around for many more years. Please feel free to come along and see us at Dobbies Garden Centre. We look forward to welcoming you.

Our Shepton Mallet Showsite

At Log Cabin Sales Ltd, we understand that everyone’s needs are different. We have not only an incredibly wide range of cabins able to cover virtually all requirements but we are able to offer the help and advice to ensure that you make the best choice.

We offer a friendly and professional service and are willing to provide help and advice as required, along with additional materials that you may want. We can arrange everything for you from one of our large selection of well designed cabins, right through to your own unique and bespoke designed two storey residential log cabin, inclusive of glazing and fixtures and fittings if required. We are always willing to help, so please let us know if you require some assistance. We can work with you for both residential and commercial needs, providing any number of cabins in any size to match your requirements.

We have our show site, which we share with our sister company AllPools and Spas Limited. This is conveniently located in Shepton Mallet at Dobbies Garden Centre, Mendip Avenue, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 4PE. Please feel free to come and visit us to discuss your requirements, alternatively we are able to receive orders and provide additional information by telephone or email, see the contact us section for details on how to get in touch.  

All of our cabins are supplied direct from the manufacturer, cutting out the middle man means that we can keep costs low and provide high quality timber cabins to you at great value prices.

We have a large range of products with over 200 designs in all shapes and sizes, each cabin is available in a number of different timber widths ensuring that you can achieve exactly what you want, without paying for what you don’t need. We are able to provide cabins with wall thicknesses measuring 28mm, 34mm, 44mm, 70mm, 90mm and twin skin walled options are also available. Our extensive range of log cabins allows you to purchase an environmentally friendly and low cost constructionExtreamly energy efficient builds can be achieved with our 34mm, 44mm, 70mm twin skinned cabins. When you upgrade to twin skins we also provide a second roof, creating a void in the roof of the building, which can be insulated if you require.

With our flexible approach and the convenience of dealing direct with the designers and manufacturers we are able to create bespoke log cabins to meet your personal needs. If you have some ideas and would like to discuss your design plans with us, we are more than happy to go through the design with you, right down to the finer details and ensure that you receive exactly what you want. We have a more detailed section on Bespoke Log Cabins within the About Us section.

Our manufacturers select only the best quality softwood for construction of the log cabins, all timber has to pass through quality control before being dried to 16-18%, it has to complete further quality control before profiling and being made into wall logs and other components for the log cabins. It passes a final quality control check prior to being packed for shipping. Having such a thorough quality control program means that that all unacceptable timber showing signs of rotting, insect damage, mechanical defects, branch holes and twisting or malformation is disguarded

Our cabins are built to last. They are luxury buildings manufactured to a high standard ensuring that you receive on the very best quality log cabins, residential log cabins, clock houses, gazebos, timber garages, home offices, verandas and the famous camping pod. Also take a look at our new 2000 range, budget range log cabins, DL log cabins and TL cabin range or check the listing by size if you are sure of the sizes you require. We also have a range of low offset ridge cabins, these offer a practical solution to escaping the need for planning permission. All cabins are built from pine or spruce, which are the best possible timber materials for use in the UK. We believe that our cabins are the best available. With 100% interlocking timbers we can guarantee that there will be no joints in timbers under 5.9 metres, every cabin log is one length and one solid piece. With cabins over 5.9 metres in length there may be a need to join the tiimbers, this is due to felling restrictions in the forests.

The timber is grown and sourced from forests across Europe. All timber is obtained from renewable forests which are members of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Timber is felled and transported to our saw mill in Lituania where the cabins are designed, manufactured and shipped direct to us.

Double roof beams are used on all of our log cabins to prevent the ridge of the roof from bending and sagging. All roofing beams are notched to coincide with notches in the matching apex, carrying out this procedure at the factory reduces your on-site build time. To futher reduce construction times apexes are pre-assembled at the factory and will be delivered to your site with no further notching or fabrication required.

To achieve optimum precision all wall logs and corner joints are processed by our CNC machining centre. The computerised system eliminates the risk of human error, it measures and cuts every component and provides accurate timbers by ensuring that length, corners, joint cuts and other processes are carried out to the finest detail. Thus creating a cabin which simply slots together beautifully.

Every log cabin that we supply comes complete with windows and doors included. The windows and doors that we provide are of top quality and are exceptional in comparison to those supplied by our competitors.

We use the most suitable windows available for your cabin, dependant on the timber widths. All 34mm (and above) cabins are provided inclusive of double glazing. At 44mm the windows are automatically upgraded to our tilt and turn CE approved insulated glass units.

Doors are pre-assembled and are ready for installation. The unit will be delivered complete with hinges and locks fitted and already fitted to its frame. The door linings and handles will be supplied and should be fitted after installation. A hex key will be required to turn the hinges after installation to ensure that the doors swing smoothly.

For more information on windows and doors visit the Superior Doors and Windows section, shown under About Us.

Tanalised foundation beams and floor joists mean that the floor boards and wall logs of your log cabin will not come into contact with the floor. This eliminates the need for damp proof membrane, although a damp proof membrane can still be applied if you prefer.

The incredibly thick 28mm tongue and groove floor boards are of the highest quality. You will find that many cabin companies will supply flooring at 19mm. 19mm is flimsy and cheap. We supply 28mm domestic quality floor boards; this provides a sturdy and strong floor which allows for heavy equipment to be installed without the need to reinforce the floor of your log cabin. This floor can be treated, painted or carpeted, whatever you prefer.

All of the corners on our log cabins have displaced interchanging 90 degree cuts. These are advanced in comparison to other manufacturers who use a simple 4 way chamfered corner joint-they are prone to leaking. Our corners have proven to be weatherproof and have withstood the test of time.  

All hardware fixings are included in every range (with the exception of the Budget Cabins), every fixing is Hot Dipped Galvanised to ensure that they are strong, long lasting, indestructible fixings which do not rust and stain your beautiful new log cabin. Additional screws may be required.

Extreme care is taken when packing the goods for transit; even the smallest cabin components are packed carefully to ensure that they cannot fall from the bundles and get lost. Every cabin is packaged in bundles, the number and size of the bundles will depend on the size of your cabin. Bundles are constructed with floor joists and foundation beams on the top and protection boards are applied to the ends and base, this prevents rubbing during transit. Packages are then safely wrapped in plastic and strapped securely to a pallet; ensuring that the goods are not damaged when transported by forklift. Many cabin companies will ship their products without a pallet to reduce shipping costs. No pallet means logs are piled on package beaters; this method is cheaper but does not provide any protection from the forklifts forks, this is very risky and we advise that you check this detail before placing an order with any company.

We find that many of our customers like to build the cabins themselves; this can be done in most cases with only 2 people and some general household tools. Assembly drawings and component specifications are included within the shipment of each cabin. Scale drawings of each component, including measurements and separate assembly drawings for each wall are all included, along with all component codes meaning that there is little or no chance of making a mistake, or installing the incorrect components in the wrong places.

The strict stock number and quality control operating system means that each and every packet is numbered and labeled detailing stock numbers. These details enable us to trace any consignment or component back to the month, date and even the shift on which they were manufactured. This information can inform us of whom and when each stage of quality control was enforced, the time of packaging, shipping, the freight company, UK arrival time and when forwarded to you, the end user.

We have a team of experienced installers who are able to come and erect your new timber building for you. They will sign the building off on completion and issue you with a certificate of installation. After completing the build they will run through care instruction with you to ensure that you are happy and confident in maintaining your new timber building. For further information on our installation service please refer to Delivery and Installation within the About Us section of our website

If you are considering purchasing a log cabin  or timber building and would like some advice, or information in regards to your new build then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to assist.