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Endless Pool Cabins

The compact size of the Endless Pool makes it an ideal product for locating within a log cabin, enabling you to swim and exercise in comfort all year round. Whether you are intending to use the Endless Pool for exercise or for physiotherapy, enclosing it in a Log Cabin Sales Ltd cabin enables you to get the most enjoyment from your investment.Endless Pool (Outdoor)


We can offer a cabin that will enclose just the pool, taking as little space in the garden as possible. Or if you want to incorporate other exercise machines such as bikes, rowing machines, treadmills etc, we can design a larger cabin that has a separate zone for exercise, changing or even relaxing after your exertions. We can provide additional space for a sauna or beauty room, or a veranda Cropped EP Pic250for a hottub, if desired.

Most of our cabins are available with roof heights of less than 2.5 metres to simplify planning and in a range of wall thicknesses including Twinskin for maximum insulation.

Most of our Endless Pool cabins are bespoke, so please contact us on 01749 345700 so that we can discuss your requirement and provide the correct cabin to suit your needs.