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Planning Exempt Cabins

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Who we are and what we do?

At Log Cabin Sales UK we pride ourselves on our great customer service and flexibility. We have a huge range of log cabins on sale; we also offer bespoke timber cabins to meet your design requirements. If you are looking for a timber building to extend your home living space, house your business, a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, lawnmower, any other new toy, or some important equipment you have come to the right place. We sell only top quality cabins and all come with a guarantee.

Whether you are looking for a small garden shed to be used for storage, or a large timber villa to be used for domestic purposes, we are able to help. We have a wide range of cabins available, from 1.5m wide, right through to our 13.0m large residential cabins, which provide a number of bedrooms and living space.

Our cabins are built from high quality timber; each cut of timber is required to pass our strict quality control procedures before being considered for use in cabin construction. For further information take a look at Why Use Log Cabin Sales. 

Bespoke Log Cabins can be designed to meet your needs. Log Houses can be designed around the number of occupants, rooms or space needed. Our current ranges are suitable as 2, 4, 6 or 8 berth accommodation. The multiple designs and room options available mean that they have many suitable uses. The modern design of these log cabins and log houses mean that they are safe and secure. All of our log cabins are built to an extremely high specification, using only the top quality products. Timber for our wooden cabins is felled in the Baltic’s and dried before it is considered for use in any of our timber builds.

If you are looking for a log cabin to be used as a home office, we have a specific range designed entirely to meet your home working needs, some have space to hold conferences and to house a kitchen or bathroom space. Take a look at our range of Home Office’s

Our beautiful range of wooden gazebo’s are a stunning attraction to any garden and can be easily adapted to meet your personal requirements. They are available with half or full wall panels, blinds, cushions and a selection of roofing options. Each gazebo comes complete with its own built in table and benches to ensure you make the most of your great new shelter.

We share our site at Dobbies Garden Centre, Shepton Mallet with our sister company Allpools and Spas Limited. A selection of their products are also displayed onsite, including the famous Endless Pool. We have already teamed up with our log cabin and lodge designers to achieve the optimum housing for the Endless Pool, we have one on show at our new Dobbies site. The Endless Pool cabin is available as a compact building providing shelter for the Endless Pool, or in an extended version offering room for a gym or changing room, to suit your needs. Cabins can be designed to accommodate any size and type of pool or hot tub, they can also be extended to include a room for a shower and changing room, sauna, and solarium or steam room if you require. Let us know your ideas; we are always intrigued to hear what your uses are.

If an Endless Pool is not your dream, but the idea of a gym in your garden is especially appealing. Well, we have all shapes and sizes; some of the suitable cabins will not require planning permission and will make a great outdoor space to house your own personal gym.

Dividers are available for our cabins, so maybe an upgrade on size will result in the addition of a garden bar, or party room in your timber villa. A tavern or games room, maybe somewhere to put the pool table or table tennis? Additional space for a cinema system, games and arcade machines, a playroom or den for the children, or a simple retreat for adults to relax in a natural and environmentally friendly setting. The list of uses for the buildings is virtually endless.

Maybe you have been considering extending your current home; many homeowners are with the current housing market being so unpredictable. The option to gain more living space at your current residence is becoming a popular choice. Many homeowners worry about the construction time, where to place the extension and what access or planning permission is required. Extensions often overrun their budget before completion. Our cabins provide the perfect solution. They are quick and easy to construct, they can be designed to your specification if required. Our Installation Team are on hand to offer their services for your convenience. All of our log cabins are competitively priced; each has a range of specifications to allow you to choose exactly what you need without paying for what you do not. All windows and doors come included within the cabin price, single glazed installations in 28mm timber walls and double glazed in cabins with a wall construction of 34mm or higher. At 44mm all windows and doors are automatically upgraded to our superior tilt and turn residential standard windows, with a 5 point locking mechanism and weather proof seal to ensure that they close perfectly.

Timber buildings are versatile and have many different uses, they can be used a work space to house your home office, hair, massage or beauty salon, art studio, workshop, potting shed or as storage for business equipment and stock. They are ideal for use as a guest suite and provide a relaxing and beautiful full time residential dwelling.

We offer a range of timber garages and parking shelters. Some of these are detached buildings, whilst others stand proud alongside an office, living space, workshop or storage facility.

You may be looking for a garden playroom for the children or a recording studio for yourself. We have just the answer with our Twinskin option. They provide an Eco Friendly and entirely insulated building, they lock in the warmth, reducing heating bills and are great at retaining noise and therefore keeping your neighbours happy. Whatever requirements you have for your new timber building we are sure we will be able to assist. Please contact us and we will be more than happy to help. 

Verandas come as standard on some of our Log Cabins. Others do not include a veranda, we have created a range of verandas which can be used alongside any cabin, meaning they can be added to your favourite design to create a larger space, provide a perfect setting for your hammock, to entertain or to bask in the sunshine.

Many campsites and holiday parks now include log cabins and lodges as an upgraded option compared to standard caravan accommodation. A popular choice, the log cabins provide the perfect retreat for a UK break. The unique Camping Pod is also become a popular choice, not only in England, but right across Europe. If you are a company who may be looking to purchase a number of timber buildings or wholesale log cabins for your business, please call us to discuss your requirements.

Please check out our Planning Permission information if you are considering installation, some of our larger cabins do require Planning Permission. If you are installing a Lodge for residential use you will always need to meet your local Planning Regulations.

Why Log
    Cabin Sales?

For fun, for work, for living...

You may be looking for a log cabin for a number of reasons. It may be that you want somewhere to relax, to enjoy the garden, to swim or to have a hot tub. Or you may want a log cabin to let you work away from the house, either as a home office or as a workshop for your hobby. Or you may need extra living space, either to ease the load on your house or to offer additional accommodation for your business.

At Log Cabin Sales Ltd, we understand this and have not only an incredibly wide range of cabins able to cover virtually all requirements but we are able to offer the help and advice to ensure that you make the best choice.

We also offer superb value for money. Instead of sourcing our cabins through UK agent, we deal directly with a number of mills, ensuring that costs are kept to a minimum and that we can offer an unrivalled range of cabins.

We believe that we offer the best range of cabins available on the UK market, from simple log cabins through residential cabins and up to fully compliant passive buildings which meet the highest standards of insulation. And most of our cabins are available in a range of wall thicknesses including 28mm, 34mm, 44mm, 70mm, 90mm as well as 35/35 twinskin and 44/44 twinskin. We also offer a number of unique products. Our association with our sister company Allpools and Spas Ltd, allows us to offer cabins and gazebos that are ideal for use with pools and hot tubs. And if there is not a standard product in the range, we will work with you to design something that will meet your specific needs.

At Log Cabin Sales Ltd, we understand that buying log cabins is not an everyday thing. There are a whole host of things to take into account to make sure that you make the right choice, from the cabin sizing and design, wall thickness, roof height and finish, window and door detail etc. Using our extensive range of products, our ability to make bespoke solutions and our friendly but professional approach, we can help you to achieve your goal of having a space where you can relax, work or live.

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Residential Log Cabin 303 - 4.0m x 8.5m
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Residential Log Cabin 303 - 4.0 x 8.5m One bedroom. Single skin or Twin skin construction. Learn More
Twin Skin Aurora ClockHouse Maxi 5.9m x 4.0m
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5.9m x 4.0m Clockhouse Log Cabin with 44mm Twin Skin Walls as Standard | Double Glazed Windows.

Other timber widths available on request Learn More
2127 - 8.5m x 4.5m
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8.5m x 4.5m Log Cabin with 44mm Walls | Log Cabin Including Free Upgrade to High Quality Tilt and Turn Double Glazed Windows. Learn More
Aurora ClockHouse Maxi 5.5m x 4.0m
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5.5m x 4.0m Clockhouse Log Cabin with 44mm Walls | Double Glazed Windows. Learn More
Low Offset Ridge Cabin-006 6.0m x 5.5m
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6.0m x 5.5m Low Offset Ridge Cabin with 34mm, 44mm, 70mm or Twin Skin Walls, with Double Glazed Windows as Standard.
34mm cabins come with economy double glazing, upgrade to 44mm and above to receive high quality double glazing units. Learn More
TL08 - 4.75m x 2.95m
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4.75m x 2.95m Log Cabin with 34mm Walls Including Double Glazing As Standard
(43 Marlborough) Learn More
Low Offset Ridge Cabin-005 3.0m x 5.5m
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3.0m x 5.5m Low Offset Ridge Cabin with 34mm, 44mm, 70mm or Twin Skin Walls, with Double Glazed Windows as Standard.
34mm cabins come with economy double glazing, upgrade to 44mm and above to receive high quality double glazing units. Learn More
DL07 - 3.5m x 2.5m
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3.5m x 2.5m Log Cabin with 34mm Walls Including Double Glazing As Standard Learn More
TL04 - 2.95m x 1.75m
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2.95m x 1.75m Log Cabin with 34mm Walls Including Double Glazing As Standard
(47 Trowbridge) Learn More
TL02 - 1.75m x 2.35m
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1.75m x 2.35m Log Cabin with 34mm Walls Including Double Glazing As Standard
(49 Ilkley) Learn More

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